Directorate of Health & Family Welfare Services
Government of Karnataka
State PCPNDT Cell
Centres Govt. & Private

District :Tumakuru
S.NoCentre NameInstitution TypeCentre AddressCentre OwnerMobile No.Centre EmailEquipment NameModel NoSerial No
1.District Hospital Govt. Hospital B.H.Road, Tumkur District Surgeon 9742739866 Philips IV-22 039W05 
2.District Hospital Govt. Hospital B.H.Road, Tumkur District Surgeon 9742739866 Portable Ultra Sound Scanning Machine M7 Premium CAX88000218 
3.District Hospital Govt. Hospital B.H.Road, Tumkur District Surgeon 9742739866 Ultra Sound Guided Nerve Locator M7 Premium CAX88000219 
4.District Hospital Govt. Hospital B.H.Road, Tumkur District Surgeon 9742739866 Ultrasound Scanning Machine DC N3Pro CA2-9600942 
5.Genaral Hospital Gubbi Govt. Hospital Genaral Hospital, Gubbi Dr. Rekha K.B 9900261037 Ultra Sound Scanner DC N2 Mindary DC N2 6W79002158 
6.Genaral Hospital Koratagere Govt. Hospital Genaral Hospital, Koratagere Dr. Nagabhushana M L 9986873095 Ultra Sound Scanner DC N2 Mindary DC N2 6W79002190 
7.General Hospiatl Pavagada Govt. Hospital Pavagda Administrative Medical Officer 9980717919 Mindray DC N2 6W-79W02165 
8.General Hospiatl Pavagada Govt. Hospital Pavagda Administrative Medical Officer 9980717919 Blue Star MUS 8400 1034310 
9.General Hospital Govt. Hospital Near Private Bus Stand , Madhugiri Administrative Medical Officer 9480711374 Logiq 200 Logiq 200 9899SG6 
10.General Hospital , Kunigal Govt. Hospital B.M. Road, Kunigal Administrative Medical Officer 9845707654 Philips Clear vue 350 SZ51781240 
11.General Hospital Sira Govt. Hospital Nh-4 Sira Dr. Mubarak 9964171050 Philips IU22 90181290 
12.General Hospital Tiptur Govt. Hospital B.H Raoad, Tiptur Dr. Eshwaraih T A 8277507030 ALPHA 6 COLOUR DOPPLER ALPHA-6 M10557LI 
13.General Hospital Tiptur Govt. Hospital B.H Raoad, Tiptur Dr. Eshwaraih T A 8277507030 Ultrasound Scanning Machine DC 30 74001241 
14.Mother & Child Hospital Govt. Hospital Mch Wing, Governament Hospital Campus, Sira Administrative Medical Officer, Mother & Child Hospital, Sira 9886590810 MINDRAY DC 40 HD DC 40 HD CT7-25005244 
15.Multi Speciality Veterinary Hospital Govt. Hospital Aralimarada Palya, Tumkur-572106 Dr.Divakar.A.C 9448156356 Mindry Model DP-50Vet Ultrsound Machine DP-50 HJ4-OA00032 
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